Q - Are any of your products allergen free?
A - Yes, all of our Organic Baking Bars, as well as our Carob Chips, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, and Double Dark Semi-Sweet Chips are free from the common 8 allergens: Wheat, Soy, Dairy, Eggs, Fish, Shellfish, Tree Nuts and Peanuts.


Q - What is carob?
A - Carob is a natural fruit, cultivated for its edible seed pods. It is processed into chips or powder and used as an ingredient in cakes and cookies, as a substitute for chocolate.


Q - Are the carob chips gluten free?

A - Yes.


Q - Are the chips, carob powder, cocoa powder, and date sugar vegan?

A - Yes, as indicated on our packaging, all of these products are vegan.


Q - Is alcohol present in the carob chips?
A - No.


Q - Why do the carob chips turn white, and does this affect the product's flavor?
A - Based on storage conditions, the color can change due to variations in temperature. They should be stored in a cool dry area. The color does not affect the quality or taste of the product.


Q - What are the advantages of carob over chocolate?
A - Carob is free from caffeine, which is a stimulant.


Q - Does the carob powder have any contact with corn or corn derivatives?
A - No.


Q - Are the cocoa and carob powders gluten free?
A - Yes.


Q - Your allergen statement on the carob  powder, cocoa powder and date sugar packaging indicates, "Produced in a facility that also processes soy". How does this affect those with allergies?
A - Our processing facility follows good manufacturing practices. A strict sanitation procedure and QC inspection are in place between each allergen run. We cannot,  however, guarantee that trace amounts of allergens will not be present.


Q - How much caffeine is there in cocoa powder?
A - About 5 mg per serving.


Q - If the date sugar becomes solid is it still good?
A - Chatfield's date sugar has a shelf life of one year. It may harden if unused over time but this does not compromise the  product.


Q - Are the Chatfield's products Kosher?
A - Yes.


Q - Is Chatfield's Cocoa Powder 'Dutched'?

A - Many cocoa powder products are treated with alkaline solutions to raise the pH level (making it easier to control the color and flavor). This is called Dutching. Chatfield's is NOT Dutched.


Q - How to use Date Sugar in place of refined sugar?

A - If a recipe calls for:

1 Tbsp sugar - Use 2 tsp. Date Sugar

1/4 Cup sugar - Use 3 Tbsp. Date Sugar

1/2 Cup sugar - Use 1/3 Cup Date Sugar

1 Cup sugar - Use 2/3 Cup Date Sugar